This additional training for the participants of the Aura Foundation plays a fundamental role in labour inclusion. Today, continuous life-long learning is considered a right and a duty for all citizens. For adults with cognitive difficulties, on-going training is essential to maintain the skills which have been acquired and in order to gain new ones that would help them not only to get a standard employment, but also to be active, participative and responsible citizens.


General training, modules and monographs:

One part of the training aims to increase cognitive and learning skills, to improve written expression and reading comprehension, etc. There are also a number of training modules and monographs, which vary each year, and are designed to develop both, instrumental and social and natural environment understanding skills in the broadest sense.


Effective communication:

This programme aims to improve social and linguistic skills of the participants of the Aura Foundation in order to promote social and personal development. The main operational areas are social, communication and oral expression skills.



Training in self-control techniques and "mindfulness" with new technologies of “Biofeedback”.

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