The program of Neuropsychology was born in 2006 arising from the need to study and conduct a longitudinal follow-up of the neuropsychological characteristics of the participants of the Aura Foundation. This is being done by using the Neuropsychological follow-up screening (SAS-NPS) which is a tool that allows us to collect information on cognitive, behavioural and emotional indicators and, based on the results, to accurately prevent and detect the possible changes. At the same time we have been applying for years cognitive stimulation programs in order to maintain and/or strengthen the capacities of our participants.

For more than five years the Aura Foundation together with the Ramon Llull University (Blanquerna) have been conducting a longitudinal and multi-centred research study, in which 23 Spanish and two Ibero-American institutions are also applying the Neuropsychological follow-up screening (SAS-NPS). Some early descriptive results have already been achieved on the basis of a sample of 200 people with Down syndrome. These results enable the comparison of the evolution on the cognitive level in three distinctive age groups, with the primary objective to detect the early changes and signs of aging at a cognitive level of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

Aura Vital:

This program provides a suitable place for those participants of Aura Foundation who for different reasons had to stop working, either temporarily or permanently. The Vital process differs from person to person and, for this reason, this program aims to promote a greater self-determination, personal autonomy, as well as active and healthy aging through various cognitive, cultural and artistic activities.
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