Compilation of some more repeated comments, omitting the name of the businessmen to avoid that the workers felt identified:

“…They have contributed the value of effort and difference and more team feeling in the company…”
“…It has humanized our department and our service…”
“… The work he does in "D" is not very complicated, but it is essential and every day reminds us of the importance of having a job…”
“…F. brings joy, works with enthusiasm and likes to share his successes. This brings an added value of humanity to a company"

The perspective of the protagonists:

To get an idea of what hiring people with disabilities is, we take this video YouTube where "Luis Castro", a young man with Down syndrome, goes to businessmen so that they give him a job and in which he remembers them, in addition, the tax benefits and the help they get for incorporate people with physical, sensory or psychic disabilities into their staff.
It was a successful ONCE campaign with a protagonist (AURA participant) who was acting and transmits the work reality of these people.

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