• Shangai Special Olympics – Libro

    Includes stunning photos made during the Special Olympics held in Shanghai in 2007. Memorable moments of the opening ceremony, portraits of different athletes and sports teams, record of the important work of the coaches, volunteers and medical equipment the press that make visible this event.

    Book in Spanish, Italian and English

    Colaboration: 40€

  • Preparados para la vida – Libro

    The book keeps track of 17 young-adults with Down syndrome who are working in different companies. Through photographs shows us how their daily lives, the tasks they perform, relationship with coworkers, their experiences, how it makes them feel they are persons with a full life.

    Book in Spanish, Catalan and English

    Collaboration: 40€

  • Fundación Proyecto Aura… desde 1989 – Libro

    The book gives an overview for the first 20 years of the AURA Foundation Project. It contains the history and evolution of the Foundation, written by renowned professionals in the country and outside AURA linked to from the beginning, the opinions of the participants, family, team members, anecdotes, ... and many photographs illustrating many important moments and people who are and have been part of the entity.

    Book in Spanish and catalan Collaboration: 30

  • Relatos a dos bandas – Libro

    In the book the conversations that 25 young people with Down syndrome have remained with renowned people in different areas (musicians, politicians, actors, writers, ...) are collected. Each has explained a story that can be personal, a historical fact, a story, a legend ...
      Collaboration: 25€

  • Caja de herramientas y recursos – DVD

    The DVD contains the collection of the material produced for 20 years by professionals AURA Foundation Project. It includes a summary of the methodological style P. AURA and the material used in the various programs (Labor, Continuing Education, supported living, ...).

    Material in Spanish and Catalan

    Collaboration: 28 €

  • Síndrome de Down: Neurobiología, Neuropsicología y Salud mental – Book

    Is a reference work that provides knowledge and intervention strategies focused on people with Down syndrome, their families and professionals working with and for this syndrome population.

    Analyzed from three perspectives: the neurobiological, neuropsychological and psychological structure and functioning of the brains of people with Down syndrome and their well-being and mental health, and the most suitable psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments.

    It emphasizes the early stimulation that is essential from the earliest ages but must be continued, individualized and throughout life.

    Book in Spanish Collaboration: 60€

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