Management Board

Management Board:

  • Montserrat Domènech

    Educationist, psychologist and co-founder of the Aura Foundation

  • Glòria Canals

    Director and Vice President

    Educationist, psychologist and co-founder of the Aura Foundation

  • José Javier Valero

    Civil engineer, brother of one of the participant’s of AURA and representative of the Association “Friends of the Project AURA”

  • Sr. David García-Gassull


    Economist, businessman associated with our foundation.

  • Rosa Boada

    Psychologist and Emeritus Professor at the “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona”. Representative of families since the inception of the Aura Foundation.

  • Carme LLorens

    Degree in Education, coordinator of the team of professionals and Aura Foundation projects since 1995.

  • Maria Cabré Trias


    Psychologist and Psycho-educationalist. MBA.

    Aura Foundation Manager. Associated to with the foundation for more than 20 years.

  • Arturo Mas-Sarda


    Degree in Business Administration and MBA (ESADE).



Honorary patrons:

  • Sr. Juan José López- Burniol

    Notary associated with the “Aura Foundation ” since its’ inception.

  • Dr. Roger Mercadé Sales

    Doctor of Medicine and Psychiatry. Medical advisor at the Aura Foundation

  • Sr. Joaquim Poch

    Lawyer in business group “Almazor i Espuny ” associated with the Aura Foundation since its’ inception.

  • Sra. Isabel Martínez-Torralba

    Dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University.


  • Sr. Javier Aguilar


  • Dr. Climent Giné I Giné

    Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences Blanquerna , Ramon Llull University.

  • Sr. Urbano Gropello

    “Invest For Children” Manager.

  • Dr. Eduard Estivill

    Doctor of Neurology, specialist in sleep disorders .

  • Sr. Ernesto Fernández Canseco


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"Working contracts obtained for people with intellectual disabilities in ordinary companies"